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The benefits of routine

When people retire from work or any other regular activity, they often face the problem of loss of structure to their daily lives. This can result in general, unspecific feelings of loss and unhappiness, to feeling a lack of purpose and to difficulties with time management. All too often, the underlying thought is something like: ‘what’s the point, anyway?’.

It may indicate a certain degree of slight ‘OCD behaviour’ on my part, but I set great store by structure – it doesn’t have to be rigorous or immutable, but I genuinely believe that some measure of shape or routine to a person’s day tends to help more than hinder their mental health. Whether it takes the form of a meditation routine, a job of some kind (whether paid or unpaid), a word puzzle or a language lesson, those sorts of routine exercises convey something to the brain that says, ‘I’m not done yet – I still have x, y and z to do’, which may just about contribute a tiny element to getting through the day and feeling a small sense of achievement. There is a point.

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